06 August 2012

Lucky Eights

After a month of foul weather for the previous tides, the Channel gods are smiling on me. The weather looks good for this week. I met with Chris, my pilot this morning and he thought Thursday would be good or later if there was better weather coming. Chris called back this afternoon and at this point we are set for an early Wednesday morning start (approx 4 am in the UK, 1 pm in Sydney and 11 pm Tuesday in the US). 

The date on Wednesday is August 8th. This must be an omen because my first channel swim (when I got scrambled on the rocks) was August 8 2008. My second swim (and first attempt at the double) was on August 8-9 2010. 

Fingers crossed and touch wood.

01 August 2012

Countdown to the Channel... One week to go

The tide for my double channel swim begins in one week, from 8-16 August. You can follow my progress during the swim here. My crew will be sending out updates, photos and video during my swim. They will be published to on my blog, twitter and facebook.

Follow the swim on twitter: twitter.com/doridesign

Track my boat (Seafarer II) on the AIS website: www.shipais.com

Training (and eating) camp on Lake Huron, Michigan.

19 July 2012

Fundraising for Team Fox

I am proud to be a part of Team Fox Australia to raise money for Parkinson's Research knowing that the money I raise will speed the discovery of life-changing treatments and, ultimately a cure for people with Parkinson's Disease. I swim in honor of my mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease a few years ago.

I have raised $10,000 for Team Fox with my previous two channel swims. Team Fox Australia was created in 2011 as part of the collaboration between The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research (MJFF) and the Shake It Up Australia Foundation. This means that funds raised through Team Fox Australia stay in Australia. I am happy to help this wonderful charity in two countries.

Please visit either Team Fox page below if you would like to make a donation.

Donate to Team Fox USA

Donate to Team Fox Australia

Double English Channel attempt 8-16 August

I am a few weeks away from my second attempt at a double-crossing of the English Channel. Training has been going great and my shoulder is behaving. Hopefully the weather will be better in Dover by the time I get there.

Updates via twitter will be posted here.

10 December 2010

Video from the Channel

Footage from the first leg of my 2-way channel attempt by Dave Mak.

20 September 2010

Twittering across the channel

I'm not much of a twitter-er, but I have to admit that it was great to keep everyone updated while I swim. Two years ago we only had a mobile with a dead battery. My crew made calls to Tony back in London, who then updated my blog. This time we had smart phones with GPS and cameras. We'll be twittering video on the next swim.

Here are the twitter updates that Dave sent out while I was swimming. It's nice to have this record of what was happening while I was swimming. 

9:54 AM Aug 7th
Swim will start approx 10 pm BST tonight. Swimmer and crew are napping before the long haul to France & back

4:12 PM Aug 7th
Dori is in her swim costume and her crew are on the Seafarer II

6:58 PM Aug 7th
Tough swimming at night in lumpy waters.

7:20 PM Aug 7th
Dori is a trooper. Current location.

7:44 PM Aug 7th
Into the SW shipping lane.

8:52 PM Aug 7th
just finished a feeding. she's keeping it down. needs to be warmer

9:43 PM Aug 7th
Just had her feeding in the separation zone about 10 minutes ago.

9:48 PM Aug 7th
gps fail...

9:50 PM Aug 7th
Where are we?

10:17 PM Aug 7th
Halfway point. In the northeast shipping lane. She ask for vitamin I on next feed.

August 7, 2010 10:33:28 PM EDT
Meteor shower and moon slivers in the night sky as Dori swims.

August 7, 2010 11:15:35 PM EDT
16.5C water temp and 15C air temps. @mattcoarr asked. Watching the moon reappear.

August 7, 2010 11:31:51 PM EDT
Sky is getting brighter!

August 7, 2010 11:34:59 PM EDT
Seas getting heavier. Was calmer for a few hours at least.

August 8, 2010 12:02:45 AM EDT
first picture!

August 8, 2010 12:16:03 AM EDT
our expert and supremely helpful CSPF observers. Many thanks for the advice!

August 8, 2010 12:42:03 AM EDT
Shoulder hurts. Tired. Not fun...

August 8, 2010 1:02:40 AM EDT
had to maneuver around this bouy. She's getting coke and vu with her medicine next.

August 8, 2010 2:02:09 AM EDT
French coast near, choppy / lumpy seas. Swallowed some water.

August 8, 2010 2:49:07 AM EDT
Last feeding of Percy pigglets and jelly belly's was a success! Chases of diluted gu (plain) wasn't as enthusiastically consumed.

August 8, 2010 2:50:45 AM EDT
Jane reports a water temp of a balmy 17.8C

August 8, 2010 2:54:02 AM EDT
epic wind day, if you were sailing a sailboat...

August 8, 2010 3:53:52 AM EDT
10:38:30 to France!

August 8, 2010 4:22:35 AM EDT
swimming back to Dover after a two donuts break, eaten in the water after clearing the lobster pots near store.

August 8, 2010 4:23:49 AM EDT
she says this is harder than Watson bay!

August 8, 2010 6:56:04 AM EDT
After about 13 hrs Dori shoulder just was better. We all decided it was best to save for future swims. We are all proud of yet amazing swim!

August 8, 2010 7:07:13 AM EDT
Dori is deeply touched by everyone's comments and encouragement. Thank you! Sorry for the typos courtesy of @makattack

August 9, 2010 5:23:31 PM EDT
Thank you to my ace crew, Dave and Tony, pilot Chris and his crew and observers Jane and Gary. It was a great experience. I will be back!

04 August 2010

Fundraising awesomeness

I am happy to let everyone know that I've raised $3310 to date for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Thank you everyone for donating, forwarding my fundraising efforts to your friends and sending messages of support. Good onya!!!